What are you hiding behind these walls?

Each of the cabinets photographed below contains a surprise. There are those who have opted for a folding opening, who for a book closure, the Bellows, who has preferred a slide and who has found a really ingenious solution.

The wall of this stay in Austria seems divided in half: On the left a white wall houses a chimney; On the right there is a closet that goes almost unnoticed because it recalls the finish of the bricks. How does it open and what does it hide?

Did you guess? In This project the wall of the living room hides a kitchen and what seems to be a unique great environment reveals a second function instead. In the great open space dominates the wood and this material has been chosen also to create the panel that, thanks to the book opening, when it is needed it slides and reveals a small and functional kitchen corner.

Here is a classic white cupboard, probably made to measure, for the wall of this apartment in Sofia. What could you find by opening the doors?

What looks like a total white cupboard, is instead a panel with a folding opening system that hides a linear wall-mounted kitchen. The choice of White is a winner because it is camoufled with the wall and recalls the cabinets of the living room as well as the plinks and the entrance door.

We are in Germany and the brick wall of the living room is interrupted by a large furniture characterized by important white profiles and formed by those that seem to be dark-colored modules. Is that right?

In This dark brown rectangle has been hidden again a kitchen. The panel this time opens to the fore, it is not at full height, it arrives in fact up to the piano; The lower part was probably used instead to get some storage space. The kitchen remains in a niche that has been emphasized by the use of the Led strips placed under the shelves.

The living room of the Roman apartment in photo is characterized by a large day bookcase that continues throughout the wall. What do you think is hiding and how it opens?

What looks like a classic bookcase opens instead in the center and reveals a room. This innovative solution opens thanks to two doors, either hinged or swinging, without frames that revolve around an axle. An original idea that allows you to exploit the natural light that enters from the bedroom.

The corridor of this apartment in Barcelona is ample enough to contain even a cup cabinet. What could it serve?

The cup units do not have a simple containment function. The doors in fact open and reveal a laundry. It is a small but functional environment and deep enough to accommodate washer-dryer, washing machine with frontal load and useful doors to store detergents or towels for example.

In this Milanese house a full-height white wardrobe accompanies the clear walls and helps to lighten the parquet flooring. What could it hide?

See the Handles? They are used to open two cabinets that do not hide clothes, but a white kitchen. The choice of a light color works because it helps to enlarge the space visually.

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